Champlin Energy Company




Champlin Renewables, LLC (“Champlin”) provides turnkey microgrid solutions that reduce electricity costs and keep you operating no matter the state of the grid.

In California, most commercial and industrial customers face growing challenges with respect to energy supply and costs of electricity and the ability to withstand climate risks and other natural disasters which can result in power outages. With the increasing number of climate emergencies, utilities are resorting to more frequent blackouts and charging more for peak energy consumption to manage energy demand.

Microgrids generally provide power at a lower cost than electricity supplied from the utilities and use on-site generation that can provide 80 – 100% of the required power generation for a customer and also provide resilience during times of grid and utility outage.  Energy generation from Champlin microgrids generally includes generation from renewable energy.

Simple microgrids involve a single generator such as a natural gas engine to a single building such as a hospital, industrial facility, distribution center, supermarket or hotel. More complex microgrids coordinate multiple generation and storage sources such as cogeneration systems, solar arrays, and battery storage to provide the power to campuses comprised of multiple buildings. These more complex microgrids can be optimized for facility resiliency, sustainability, time-of-day energy pricing, peak shaving as well as power quality.

The officers of Champlin are pioneers in battery storage and microgrid technology and provide decades of experience with these systems.

How We Get Started

  • Gather three year e-invoices and energy interval data from the Customer / Utility.
  • Complete Pre-Assessment of the Business.
  • Establish a Vision, goals & timetable for the implementation.
  • Feasibility & Engineering Services – Definition including resource / investment plan.
  • Establish single point of contact.
  • Provide Proposal with Alternative Structures to implement a Microgrid, eg. Build and Transfer or Power Contract.